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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Google Adsense Payment in Bangladesh

Especially New AdSense publishers and Bangladesh many questions and possibilities to receive payments related to AdSense is an illusion. Here in this article about my personal experience will explain some confusion
Address Verification: once your earnings reach $ 10 then Google send you a letter (by post no email) will send a secret PIN contains. It will be sent to you if your address is correct to see. You have to put (This Pin) in your account will need to code and verify its existence! This is a basic and a very important step as any future payments are eligible for this phase after having successfully crossed. It takes 3-4 weeks for the PIN letter from the U.S. to reach Bangladesh.
Payment options: Bangladesh, one option for the publishers by check yet to receive payment. it's free and regular mail comes within 3-4 weeks and There have another way to get payments by DHL secure Express Delivery checks both via Mail service, [28 $ to spend a week comes in). Many post offices have complained about lost adsense chaque in Bangladesh, but my experience with them is great! I got nearly 12 nos. chaque via Post Office. But DHL is most popular choice in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Western Union or debit / credit cannot receive payment through AdSense.
Ability to receive a first payment: Once you reach $ 100, the first payment from Google AdSense you are ready to get payments, If you reach $ 100 per month after the end of next month they will send checks for payment. Confused? Not! Make it clear - my income to $ 100 in May and then Google will send payments end of June just before.
Reaching Time: publishers have a very simple question, "How long I need to reach check my address? Nowadays, This is very question answer is 4 / 3 weeks from the date of delivery - is the answer. Your AdSense account at any time "payment history" under the date of delivery can be obtained. The delivery date can be obtained in “payments history” at any time from your Adsense Account.
Changing cheque to cash : You can cash in Bangladesh from a commercial bank Make sure your AdSense account payee name and the name of your bank account is made identically the same. But the money into bank shall not now, have patience! Bank 4 / 3 weeks to change your check will be. And surprisingly, Some banks with too much - about $ 80 like Dutch Bangla Bank so beware about select bank. I recommended you use Islamic bank or National bank, They take only $ 8 to $ 12 Only, You can also use Bangladeshi Government Bank, cost will come more less nearly $ 3 But one thing Government Bank need more 20 days then any commercial bank
NB: What if, If you don’t get cheque or Pin lost by Post office If you in time (after waiting 6 weeks) by a PIN code or do not receive checks, you ask Google to reissue PIN should be to check /. Reissue application is no extra charge.
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4 Responses to “Google Adsense Payment in Bangladesh”

AL Mahmud said...
19 July 2014 at 15:40

I add my bank information and google send am email, they need ( intermediary bank details ) but I not understand, what is that. I add my IBBL Bank account information. If you have know that please share me.

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15 August 2015 at 22:41

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