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Friday, 8 October 2010

Form Mail Script

Here is a free web-mail or e-mail in the form of scripts.
This free software tool developed using PHP and JavaScript.
With this tool you can provide an indication of your site.
Script Details

Web-based electronic script
Customizable look and feel - you can change the background color and the shape of the text.
Checking user input for name and message.
The administrator can create filter / block spam messages.
The administrator can change the username and password.
Automatically detects your site home page and name the title of the site.
Just to integrate the page in any website that supports PHP.

Unzip the file.
Simply replace your electronic identification color.php name instead of "yourid@yoursite.com" and "SiteName's"
Set read and write fil.php create a filter (only for Linux users).
Now create a new user with new user.php
Log in with administrator privileges and filter.php use to create new filters.
Go to HFM / mail.php.
Customize the look:
Change the file color.php HFM / dir and change the color of anything you want.


The PHP code is released under GPL
it’s totally free anybody can use and

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