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Monday, 4 October 2010

Adobe Flash Player Free Download

This series of high-performance client time should be on any computer.

Adobe Flash Platform is an integrated set of technologies has created an ecosystem of support programs to the environment, business partners, and the community of enthusiastic users. It is a powerful software that will be a valuable asset on any computer regardless of operating system.

Here are some key features of "Adobe Flash Player":

3D Effects:
Create more intuitive, engaging interfaces using built-in support for 3D effects. Get started quickly without 3D master by designing in 2D and easily transform and animate in 3D. Fast, lightweight and easy to use APIs, along with the 3D-Tool in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional software, make motion that was previously available only for experienced users using Action Script language or its third-party libraries available to everyone.

Filters and Effects:
Creating high performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences that quickly engage users. With the new Adobe Pixel Bender ™, the same technology behind many filters and effects in Adobe After Effects ® software, these dynamic and interactive effects can be used both in production with After Effects CS4 and live with Flash Player 10. Pixel Bender Just-In-Time (JIT) can also be used to manage other types of data such as sound or mathematical functions, asynchronously in a separate thread.

Advanced text support:
Take advantage of new, flexible text engine that brings print-quality publishing to the Web, on more than 25 years of experience in printing Adobe. have greater control over the use of text layout Text Layout Framework, an extensible library is built on a new text engine in Adobe Flash Player 10, which provides advanced print easily integrated text and has a layout for the rich, complex and innovative web typography. Creating a multilingual Web-based applications using device fonts that can be eliminated, turn, and style, or create custom components single text.

Dynamic sound generation:
Use Enhanced Sound API to dynamically generate audio and create new types of audio applications such as music mixers and sequencers, real-time audio for games, and even audio visualizers. Work with loaded MP3 audio at a lower level of extraction of audio data and supplying the audio buffer. Process, filter, and mix audio in real time through the Pixel Bender JIT compiler to extend creative freedom beyond the visual experience.

Enhanced Drawing API:
Run the design easier to perform restyleable properties, 3D APIs, and a new way of drawing sophisticated shapes without their code line by line. Developers can configure the curves, the change of style, spare parts, and use custom filters and effects, delivering improved throughput, creative control and higher productivity. Improvements to the drawing API to add the Z dimension, real perspective, textured meshes in 3D-space, save the graphics model, read / write rendering, and triangle drawing with UV coordinates, while adding memory and improving performance.

Hardware Acceleration:
Using the processing power of graphics card hardware to paint SWF files in the browser and speed up calculations bitmaps, filters, blend modes, and video overlays faster than would be implemented in software.

Vector Data Type:
Use the new typed array class for better performance, efficiency and data validation error.

Dynamic streaming:
Show exceptional video streams that automatically adjust to network conditions. The use of new metrics of service quality for better streaming experience.

Speex audio codec:
Use our new, high-fidelity and open source Speex voice codec, which offers low-latency alternative for voice encoding. Flash Player also supports ADPCM, HE-AAC, MP3, and Nellymoser audio.

File upload and download APIs:
Bring users into the experience, allowing them to download and save files from the web. New file reference implementation of access allows local processing of data without Roundtripping to the server.

Color correction:
Provision of Web-based applications with accurate color, so that your favorite web destinations look the way they were intended. The color correction is working with ICC color profile of your monitor and allows you to convert SWF file to the standard RGB.


? os: Windows XP/NT/2003/Vista/7
· CPU: Intel Pentium II 450 MHz or AMD Athlon 600 MHz or higher
· Memory: 128 MB

Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated

License/ Price: Free

File Size: 5.06

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