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Monday, 20 December 2010

How you can enable / disable Auto run file

Remove Infected Autorun.inf from Computer
This tips only for (Windows 95/98/Me)

1. Go to System Properties dialog using the control panel:. "My Computer: Properties or Explorer: My Computer: Properties.

2. Select Device Manager tab.
3. Select CD-ROM folder.

4. Select the entry for your CD-ROM.

5. Select Properties.

6. Select "Preferences" tab.

7. Enable or disable Auto Insert Notification. Click OK. Click OK

How do I enable / disable Autorun (Windows NT/2000)

1. Start RegEdit (Regedt32.exe).

2. Go to the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / Services / CD-ROM.

3. Change the value Autorun '1 'autorn, and "0" to disable autorun.

4. Close the Registry Editor

How do I enable / disable Autorun (Windows XP)

1. Open Windows Explorer, Windows, Windows by clicking the "E".

2. Right-click the desired CD-ROM and choose Properties from the menu.

3. Select the Startup tab.

4. Select each item in the drop-down list for action to perform, select "Take no action" to disable autorun, or pick up the action if apporpriate can start. Click OK.

How do I enable Autorun for Other Removable Media

Autorun can be enabled or disabled for all types of removable media such as floppy or Zip. Windows systems are configured to enable CD Notification, other removable media is disabled by default.

System Properties user interface provides only the Enable or disable the selection of CDs. Customize reflected in this dialog makes an entry in the register. It is the same place as other media types are configured.


1. Editing the registry is not for the inexperienced user. Anyone will tell you, be careful.
2. The amendments in this case use Hex not decimal numbers. If you are not familiar with the Registry or the characteristics of base numbering and Hex, studying these questions before making these changes is appropriate.

To modify these registry settings, use the Registry Editor and navigate to the next section:


The default configuration for the 95 0 0 0. Change the first byte to 91. Restart the computer for new settings to take effect. You may have to right click on the floppy and select AutoPlay from the menu to see the behavior of start up.

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