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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How to change Logo by own Image in Wordpress Theme

We always like beauty & Logo make a website too attractive, now I am going to discuss   how to remove or change a logo from Wordpress theme/template, This is common problem now I am going to solved this a easy and effective way,  There is three way to change  logo of wordpress theme

First One

First you need to login Web hosting Account know first where you have installed ‘Wordpress’ if in root directory go to ‘www.yourdomainname .com’

  • Find the folder name ‘Wp-content’ then Click
  • To change logo go to Wp-Content >Themes > theme Name (Use by you) Click >images > logo.png or logo.psd or logo.gif/ logo.jpg / logo.bmp (generally these five kinds of image format uses as a wordpress logo)

Look where logo.psd file located and download then edit by Adobe Photoshop or other image editor, if not found there then other image file name logo”, Take care when you edit, don’t increase or reduce image size, edit logo image as same as old was.

Final step rename or delete old logo image & upload new one design by you. It’s done.

Browse your website for take look & enjoy, next Post I will discuss another way to change logo.
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